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Lunch in Italy~molto delizioso!

9 Sep

Finding low carb lunch options was a breeze in northern Italy. Everywhere they serve wonderful meats such as Prosciutto or Parma ham with cheese. Drizzle some olive oil and maybe a bit of balsamic vinegar and you have a filling and delicious meal.  I fell in love with Parma ham!  I am on a quest to find some here. So many cheese options with this meal, most often it was served with mozzarella.  We fell in love with Burrata which is a fresh mozzarella with a creamy center and it has zero carbs! I found some at Trader Joe’s today and can’t wait to try it.  Argula is everywhere there, they refer to it as rocket on the menus. Just perfect with this lunch.  I think this is pretty easy to recreate at home for lunch or appetizer.

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