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Low Carb Diet News – How Low is Low for a Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss? – Low Carb Diet News

26 Oct

If you are looking for some guidance on how many carbs to have each day, the link below is a great reference point.

Have you reached a plateau and finding it hard to lose a few more pounds?  I recommend keeping track of what you are eating, every morsel. Not as hard as it sounds.  I use My Fitness Pal to keep a record, pretty easy with the iphone app.  You may be surprised at how many carbs you are eating without realizing it.

Low Carb Diet News – How Low is Low for a Low Carb Diet and Weight Loss? – Low Carb Diet News.

Can Carb Refeeds Boost Stalled Weight Loss? | Mark’s Daily Apple

20 Oct

I have heard so many people mention the plateau they reach after a few months eating low carb. Many times they have reached a comfortable weight and just want to lose a few more pounds or inches. Below is a great explanation and plan that I personally can’t wait to try!

Can Carb Refeeds Boost Stalled Weight Loss? | Mark’s Daily Apple.

Trouble remembering things…

17 Oct

Do you sometimes wonder if eating “low carb” is a good thing?

Need some motivation before you reach for a big chocolate chip cookie?

Read this link!

On the road this week in Arizona

12 Oct

Traveling is always fun and a great way to hear about new low carb recipes from friends I don’t get to see often. Last night Betsy shared a great quick breakfast, which I will post later today. It seems the more people I talk to, the more I hear about converts to the low carb way of life.

Yesterday I had a wonderful salad at a Spa, it was so great to see a menu with Carbs listed next to the choices. I never was much for requiring restaurants to list such things, but must admit now I am a huge fan. I had a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts on assorted greens. I felt funny taking a picture as I was with a group. But I found this picture on the internet and it looks just like the salad I had.  This salad had only 6 carbs and I was not hungry again for hours. 

Dining out with Friends or so I thought!

5 Oct

Look at what they are eating! Even in my carb heydays, I don’t think I ate desserts like this. Maybe my talking about low carb eating during dinner and how great it was drove them to it?  Maybe I said too much and this is their way of shutting me up? I have to say it looked so good, I was getting weak. But somehow I just have this resolve because I feel so much better not eating like that anymore. Somedays I wonder where is Patty and who is this person I have become? Bon Appetite ladies…I promise to lighten up!

Light headed?

1 Oct

My friend Amy just started the low carb life and she complained of feeling dizzy. This is a very common feeling. Amy googled this symptom, and I want to share with you this link from Live Strong which she found helpful.

I have adjusted to this by always carrying a thermal mug with ice water, everywhere. Around the house, in the car and at my desk. It is so refreshing and I keep hydrated .  The feeling of dizziness does not last forever.  Most noticeable in the first few weeks. The guy in the photo may be going a bit overboard but hopefully it reminds everyone how important drinking water is!

Bacon Shortage?

25 Sep

Say it ain’t so!  One of the perks of low carb eating is having bacon with no guilt. Rumor has it there will be a pork shortage in the coming months.  All due to drought conditions that have led to smaller herds of pigs in Europe and the United States.

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