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Leg cramps?

18 Nov

I have heard from lots of people that they suffer from leg cramps when starting the low carb life.  Many times they are not getting enough salt and may be dehydrated.  Taking a multivitamin helps and again lots of water and salt.

All those years of being told too much salt is bad for you, now you NEED that salt.  Especially when first starting out. Here is a another great link from Livestrong.  Check it out for tips on leg cramps and what to do.

Take care of yourself-

18 Nov

Living the low carb life you will notice a few changes in your body. One thing many people complain of is constipation. Here is a great link from Livestrong that has some helpful tips.  I can’t stress enough how much water you should be drinking. It really helps. I always have a thermal mug of ice water with me.

Light headed?

1 Oct

My friend Amy just started the low carb life and she complained of feeling dizzy. This is a very common feeling. Amy googled this symptom, and I want to share with you this link from Live Strong which she found helpful.

I have adjusted to this by always carrying a thermal mug with ice water, everywhere. Around the house, in the car and at my desk. It is so refreshing and I keep hydrated .  The feeling of dizziness does not last forever.  Most noticeable in the first few weeks. The guy in the photo may be going a bit overboard but hopefully it reminds everyone how important drinking water is!

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