Breakfast time

13 Sep

I eat a lot of eggs.  I love eggs they really are so perfect, easy to have on hand, not very expensive, and cook up quickly. I know there are many personal preferences to preparing scrambled eggs, but I will share my quick yummy way.  Hint-Chives make them special.

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Cream Cheese & Chives-one serving

2 large eggs scrambled with a whisk until yolks and whites combined. Really whip them up, this makes them airy and foamy.  I read about a suggestion to use a blender to mix the eggs! (too much clean up for me) Add 1 T chopped chives, salt, pepper and 2 T. light cream. (milk or heavy cream works to)

Melt 1 T  butter in non stick skillet, over med heat.  Pour egg mixture into pan and using rubber spatula push eggs towards center, tilting pan as you do this.  Soft curds will form.   Add 1 T. cream cheese, as the eggs are cooking. Lightly push the eggs around until no runny egg left and cream cheese has combined with the eggs, do not overcook.

Tip- if fresh chives unavailable(very easy to grow) use freeze dried chives found in the spice aisle.

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