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BBQ Chicken

30 Jul

Suddenly dark meat and skin not so bad! I love this low carb thing (LCT). But beware of BBQ sauce. Huge variation in carb counts. I found Weber makes one with 8 carbs per 2 T. Use sparingly. Some have 25+carbs so this seemed a good alternative.
Sautéed sugar snap peas with chopped shallots and the Caesar Salad listed on earlier blog post. 

Caesar Salad

23 Jul

This is so good. Crunchy Romaine lettuce and a great dressing that you can make in a minute. I added red pepper for more crunch since I don’t use croutons. Shaved Parmesan the best on this!  To make a meal add grilled chicken.  
2 Cloves garlic, minced finely
1 T dijon mustard
1 T white wine vinegar
2 T mayonnaise
1/2 C olive oil
Salt  Pepper and Lemon Juice to taste
Add a little anchovy paste for extra zing!

Combine first 4 ingredients with a whisk, slowly add olive oil creating an emulsion. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice as you like.


23 Jul

I eat lots of nuts. I make my own mixture because buying mixed nuts there are always some I don’t like or want to avoid. My mixture includes Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds and Peanuts.
I even keep a small bag in my purse.  Good source of fiber to! 

Net Carbs per ounce:

Dry roasted peanuts with sea salt = 3g
Almonds with sea salt= 2g
Walnuts= 2g
Pecans= 1g
Sunflower Seeds= 3g

Berries & Cream

23 Jul

I avoid carbs, for the most part, every day. But who ever said no sweets? In fact once you start cutting carbs, sweet things taste even better. Especially fresh blueberries, I swear they never tasted so good. With a few raspberries and whipped cream it is perfection. For a special treat add an Almond Cookie from earlier post.

This is 2 ounces of blueberries and 2 ounces of raspberries. Approximately 8 net carbs of fruit.
Zero carbs in the whipped cream!  There is even some fiber in the berries.

Everyone needs a Cookie occasionally..

22 Jul

This is a big change, doing the low carb thing. I live for carbs. I love pasta, bread and all things sweet. So I must admit I miss cookies and I miss baking them. I found this recipe and amazingly I only eat one and feel satisfied. That never happened before.These are very delicate and extremely delicious.

Almond Cookies

  • 2 cups almond flour (FYI-very expensive)
  • 1/2 cup Splenda
  • 1 stick (1/2 cup) softened butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (if using salted butter, omit salt here)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract
Preheat oven to 300°F.

Combine all ingredients. Form dough in to walnut sized balls and place onto greased cookie sheet. Bake for 5 minutes. Press down lightly with fork, then continue to bake for another 15 minutes. Let cool.

30 carbs in entire batch.   Divide by number of cookies for carbs per cookie.

I think I need some Fiber…

22 Jul

This low carb thing is great but you need to remember the all important FIBER!  Here is my secret weapon and they are delicious.


Low Carb Zucchini Bran Muffins
1.5 C  almond flour  (really expensive!)
1 C wheat bran
3 T Splenda
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp Cinnamon
4 eggs
1/3 C water
1 C Zucchini, shredded
Preheat oven to 350 and spray muffin tins with non stick spray.
Mix dry ingredients together, add the eggs, water and zucchini , and mix thoroughly.
Fill muffin tins about 2/3 full and bake for 15-20 mins.
Makes 12 regular muffins
Nutrition content per muffin:
Calories  118
Carbs 7g
Sugars 1g
Fiber 4g
Protein 6g
Once cooled I keep in zip lock baggie in fridge.  Microwave on plate for 25 seconds to warm up.
Carb Kick

Welcome to my low carb life..

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